Joy Ride Bike Tours Amsterdam
Joy Ride Bike Tours Amsterdam
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Amsterdam City Bike Tour

This is a tour of major Amsterdam sights and hidden treasures. It is designed to help our guests understand the layout of Amsterdam and provide unique insights into her amazing history. The center of Amsterdam is very compact. We recommend taking a private city tour at the very beginning of your stay. This way, you will learn the history of Amsterdam and be able to return to places that you wish to explore further.

Since Joy Ride Tours opened in 2010, our city has become very, very busy with travelers. Therefore, we prefer to start our private city tours in the morning when there is less chaos. If you are interested in visiting Amsterdam's windmill brewery then your tour should start at 11:30am. Otherwise, we recommend a 9am start time.

The beauty of being on a Joy Ride bike tour is that we can alter the tour 'real time' to show you the things that you are interested in. Many companies offer city tours, but ours are the only tours where routes are not set and guides are not scripted. Our guides know the city because it's their home! We love to show you what you haven't seen or might not see.

Your tour begins with a stop at Leidseplein, where we talk about Amsterdam's night life and its famous music venues. Then we ride through the Golden Horn to view Amsterdam's grand canal houses. Eventually arriving at the only place in Amsterdam where people still sing traditional songs; the beautiful Jordaan district.

After the Jordaan, we stop across from the Anne Frank House. There we discuss Anne Frank, World War II and its effects on contemporary Amsterdam society. From the Anne Frank House, we ride north to the Haarlemmerdijk where we chat about Dutch cuisine and cannabis. No tour of Amsterdam is complete without an explanation of why our buildings lean wildly, so we explain how Amsterdam's famous canals were created and why the buildings lean out and are sliding sideways.

Then we venture to the outskirts of Amsterdam's famous Red Light District. In the midst of the Red Light District, we discuss Amsterdam's oldest professions . . . prostitution and religion. On the way out of the Red Light area, we stop at the Royal Palace to chat about the King of the Netherlands and our Royal Family.

At this point, the bike tour takes a number of different directions depending upon the interests of the group. Sometimes, we stop for a drink of Jenever (our not so well-known local booze) and explain its complex history. We also very much enjoy our Amsterdam brewery because it is located in a windmill! Or maybe we stop at the Begijnhof (a famous old convent located in the heart of Amsterdam).  As mentioned above, this tour may be altered slightly to accommodate the group's wishes.

Sorry, but the city tour is for guests 13 and older. We discuss adult topics and ride through the Amsterdam city center. Amsterdam was once described by Voltaire as "Sober Chaos" and it hasn't changed much since then. It is still chaos; bustling with bikes, cars, and trams. These obstacles are often difficult for young children to negotiate, and stressful for parents riding while concerned about their child's safety. Kids 13 and over are welcome on this tour.

Private tours are available 7 days a week. We are often fully booked, so an advanced reservation and a deposit is mandatory.

All our private tours are on high quality Electra Townie Bikes.

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